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Technical translation [EN / FR > ES]

Technical translation involves translating texts concerning the varied areas of technology or illustrating the practical execution of scientific and technological knowledge.

Technical translation is mainly used for the translation of manuals, instructions, leaflets,brochures, advertisements and articles.

Travel and tourism translation [EN / FR > ES]

Travel and tourism translation includes a wide variety of services encompassing the extensive tourism industry such as transport, hospitality, catering, museums, and much more.

Travel and tourism translation can be conveyed through: websites, travel guides, audio guides, restaurant menus, leaflets, brochures, press releases, newsletters, contracts, forms, and so on.

Transcreation [EN / FR > ES]

Transcreating is about adapting the communication of a very same product or service to be delivered to a new audience, in a different cultural background. It requires a creative process in order to connect with the recipient of the message.

Transcreation is commonly supported by advertisements, leaflets, brochures, posters, billboards, newsletters, websites, and so forth.

Copywriting [ES]

Writing texts of advertising or publicity materials

Editing and post-editing [ES]

Correcting and preparing final texts to be published

Proofreading [ES]

Detecting spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes on written texts

Who is ENFRES?

My name is Nuria Escámez; I am a freelance translator from English and French into Spanish, and founder of ENFRES.

I graduated from Autonomous University of Barcelona with a degree in Translation and Interpretation in 2014. I successfully completed and achieved a diploma from the University of Murcia in Tourism Management back in 2004

The Erasmus program allowed me to develop part of my academic education in tourism and languages at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool (United Kingdom). At this point in my career, I decided that I would embark on deepening my language and intercultural competences. This reason spurred me on to continue my language studying and traveling a lot, as well as spending long time and even settling in places like Dublin (Ireland), La Rochelle (France), Guadeloupe (French Antilles) and Ghent (Belgium), where I am now living and learning Dutch.

ENFRES is a professional project where I apply my knowledge and skills with the intention of opening and enhancing channels of communication. Given that I demand a quality finish with the projects I undertake, I only render into Spanish, my mother tongue.

Do you want your product or service to cross borders? Your project is my goal.
Communicate without borders. Communicate with ENFRES.


Language services providers, as well as other professional freelancers, base their fees on a combination of elements given in the project to work on.

Some of these elements are:

Area and level of specialization of the text
Language combination

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